Saturday, July 18, 2009


Charla, Carrie and I drove to Dallas on Friday for the New Kids on the Block concert. They were awesome and we had a blast.

My sister-in-law Kelly works at a bakery in Dallas and she was asked to make a cake for NKOTB that was for a party they were having the night before the concert to wrap up the end of their tour. She did such an awesome job, the cake pictures are included too.

Also, because of the bakery we got great (and free!) tickets. We had "VIP" tickets which included special parking, a special entrance, a special little club/lounge area, and were such good seats we had better seats then famous people. Kelly and her sister, Josie, sat infront of Kelly Clarkson and her friends. My sisters and I sat infront of a lady and her crew who are currently filming a reality series for the Oxygen channel. Her friend Sam was hilarious and we had a blast with him.

Pictures...the first couple of Aiden before I left because I think he's adorable and makes me happy.

Videos...the videos are not very good because I was too busy going crazy and if you hear me sing, I'm sorry but I was having fun!
the Jabbawockeez

New Kids On The Block


Unknown said...

Aww I miss them already. Glad you got to go and see them again, and the best way (free)!! Hopefully some day we'll get to see them together again that would be sooo fun!!!!

Denise Schweiger said...

put your hands up, baby put your hands up!!! Thanks for the pics and video. Kicking myself for not going with you! I'm sure you had to drive past my house on I-35.

Bradshaw said...

Thanks for being willing to do a post. Anything you want to post about... just send me your email, thanks!!