Saturday, August 9, 2008

Body Hair

So the other day Damon and I for some random reason started talking about body hair and how it comes when you get older. I tell him one day he will have body hair in his armpits and he said, "Oh yeah, and on our backs too!" He seemed really excited about back hair. I think that is a first for the world.

Thursday, Adam and I went to dinner with our bishop and his wife (Adam is trying to grow me some friends in the ward and he has picked out the bishop's wife for me.) So of course our trusty babysitter and accomplice (aka Grandma and Grandpa Little) were over to watch three guys. Damon wanted to play a Pirates of Carribean game he played at the Furnells. He had to have a user name and password. Grandma came up with the name "Damon Dinnertime". Honestly, I had kinda forgotten that Damon used to think his name was Damon Dinnertime Dolezal back when he was about 3 years old. It was one of my favorite things he used to say all the time. I loved it when people would ask his name and he would respond with, "Damon Dinnertime Dolezal." I could never figure out how or why he thought it was his name and then my sister pointed out that I probably call him that atleast once a day, "Damon. Dinner time"

He's such a cute boy.


the doze said...

Unfortuately, the Dolezal family isn't known for having a large amount of back hair. Sorry Damon. Maybe the Prewit side side of the family can help you out with that. ;) I don't really know.