Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adley Lynn - 1 Year Old

Finally blogging about Adley's 1 year....sorry I'm so late!   

She had her 1 year appointment the day after her first birthday.  Here's her stats...
Height 30 1/4 inches - 80%
Weight 19lbs 11oz - 25%  
She's tall and skinny, I wonder who she gets that from!?!

She is finally getting 2 more teeth so she will have 3 on top and 3 on bottom.  She really prefers our food over her baby food so we have stopped giving her that stuff which makes life a lot easier.  But this girl LOVES yogurt.  She will freak out whenever she sees it.  One day I had it out to give it to her for breakfast, she saw it and started getting all excited.  I walked away from her with it still in my hand and she started getting so mad.  Yelling and crying until I came back into the room and opened the yogurt.  She takes her food very seriously.  

Speaking of food...the other day I made brownies and was bringing them downstairs to the family to enjoy while we were watching a movie (Actually I think this was on Valentine's Day).  She sees the plate and literally started to FREAK OUT!  Screeching, screaming, crawling over to me as fast as she could.  She was so excited.  Honestly, I don't even know how she saw what I had.  No one else had one yet, they were on a plate so she couldn't have seen them, but she just knew it was something good to eat.   

One time in Sunday School she heard a wrapper and started stretching her head out to try and see who had food.  This skinny girl loves to eat.  

She is quite the climber.  She will climb into any box, drawer, clothes hamper, anything that she can get in to.   She is always trying to climb into my skirt boxes and bins.  

She is starting to get a lot of hair.  Its just so blond and fine its hard to see.  But there's enough she can hold a little clip.   

Occasionally she will play with one of her dolls and I love it! 

 She's a pretty spunky girl but easy going too.  She smiles a lot and laughs all the time at her brothers but is pretty shy out in public.  She says mama and dada and I swear she says "yes" but not as consistent.  

She doesn't walk yet but she cruises a lot and can walk behind her toy ice cream truck.  She will walk holding on to a hand but she's pretty timid.  She will stand on her own for a short while but not for too long.

Here's some of my favorite videos of her playing.