Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its a boy!

We surprised the boys this weekend by getting a dog.  Something I honestly never thought would happen.  But here he is, all because of Facebook.  The boys named him Lockett after Tyler Lockett who is a K-State Football player.  He is a Jack Russell terrier and has been very loved.  Every time Aiden sees him he says, "My doggy, my new doggy."

A friend from high school had him and decided he wasn't a fit for her family and offered him up to her Facebook friends.  Since Jack Russells are one of Adam's favorite breeds I sent him a quick email to see what he thought.  We happened to be going down to El Dorado over the weekend which gave us the opportunity to meet him.  We wanted to see how he reacted with Aiden and Grayson since they are little.  We also wanted my sister to look at him since she is our own little dog expert.  Everything went well so home he went.

I wish I had a picture of the boys faces when we brought him back to the house.  They were so excited.  All night Damon and Xavier kept saying, "This is the best weekend ever." 


Kari said...

Ummm... Hello?? Don't I count for something?

cd said...

Of course you do Kari...If the dog was here you would have been the 1st one we called to check him out. Since he was in El Dorado, it just made sense for my sister to do it!

Unknown said...

He's a cutie! Hope you all enjoy him. I miss my wonderful pets we had to unwilllingly depart with earlier this year. Can't wait till we can once again be pet owners. They were true family members.