Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Since the "Great to be 8" program last January, Damon has looked forward to his first cub scout activity, the Pinewood Derby. Because of the bad weather a couple weeks ago his first cub scout meeting was cancelled so this was his very first cub scout thing ever. He was pretty proud of his shirt, he wore it the whole day and couldn't wait to show it off to Grandma Little at her birthday party that night.
My cub scout!
Damon and his car.

Some of the competition...
Damon's cub scout pack

He didn't win but he didn't lose and that was all we wanted. We just didn't want his car to come in dead last. It was always second in ever race so that was good. Next year we'll spend a little more time on it and hopefully it won't be so cold that it cuts into the work time. Who wants to be out in the garage working on a pinewood derby car in subzero temperature??


Ryan Amber and Family said...

HOW FUN!! I cannot believe Damon is 8!
Wow and he is in Pine Wood Derby!!
Your car looks amazing!!
how exciting!

I love scouting. Ryan and I took our turns being the Cub Master!!

I will love that calling forever!

オテモヤン said...
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