Friday, June 5, 2009

Xavier's Birthday

We celebrated Xavier's 6th birthday a couple days early. We had cake and ice cream of course. He finally decided on a Ben10 cake after changing his mind several several several times. Charla and Brenden were running a little late so we stalled the party for them. The boys entertained us, they ran around the house, Xavier put on his Spiderman costume, Damon was doing some meditation pose or was definitely entertaining.

Anyway, he got a lot of great presents and was very happy. Slightly confused when on his actual birthday there was no party. But he did have his first t-ball game and we brought cookies for that.

He also got a gift in the mail from Uncle Ben and Aunt Kelly. I wanted to wait until after dinner to have him open it but when I brought in the box he immediately started hacking it up with a knife. I knew there was no chance he would stare at that present for the next 5 hours.

Warning: This video may show a baby in a dog crate. Do not be alarmed no baby or dog was hurt in the filming of this video. Aiden just loves dogs that much that he wants to be one.

Quickly putting the new Thomas toy to use!

Surprise! There was a gift card for me! And yes I know I'm a dork.

I was going to buy this cute purse I have had my eye on for awhile (and since it was orange I'm surprised no one bought it for me for my birthday!) but then I looked at the shoes and found these way cute Converse shoes that were on sale! A birthday isn't a Happy Birthday without new shoes!
T-Ball pictures! Xavier's first game. I don't know if baseball is really in his future but he said he had a good time.

As we were leaving the game we heard this flapping sound that just didn't sound right. We pulled over to check it out and found a screw in the tire. Adam was thrilled to be changing the tire tonight and even happier that I took pictures of the event. If Adam cussed, he would have had some lovely words for me I'm pretty sure.


the doze said...

Wow! What an eventful day!